Wade Potter






Full Name:

Wade Lars Elisabeth-Potter

Date of Birth:

11 December 2063

Marital Status:

Married to Indiana Hutchinson

Blood Status:



184 cm (6'0)



House Affliation:



+ 12 ½ " swishy English Oak wood, Phoenix feather core

+ 11" Hippogriff Talon core, Maple wood, Swishy



Wade Lars Elisabeth-Potter is a wizard who was born in Oslo, Norway. He plays professionally for the Tutshill Tornados as a Chaser. Wade had graduated from Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardy after serving as their Head Boy. Previously, he was first enrolled at Durmstrang Institute during his first through fourth year before transferring into the house of Hufflepuff at Hogwarts.  

Early Life & Upbringing

Wade is descended from the Black family, as a fifth generation-born Potter. He was a love child born to Hufflepuff alumni of Hogwarts, Charely Potter and Eve Elisabeth. His father, Charely, a former Auror in training, was a retired Professional Quidditch player before working at a surfing/broom flying shop, whilst his mother, Eve, was a wizarding naturalist at the time of his birth. The family was close-knit doting on young Wade. By the age of five, family tragedies included the death of his grandparents and disappearance of his mother, leaving his father, Aunt Selena-Rose, and Uncle Walter to care for him and his younger cousin, Luc. Later on in the summer of 2082 he gained two half-sisters (Alana & Elisa) from his dad's fiance at the time Victoria. Then with his wife, Indy, they have two sons and one daughter named Thadius (b. 2084), Darius (b. 2089), and Daisy (b. 2086), respectively. 

Wade was a precarious child, often exploring whenever an eye wasn't kept on him. He had two dogs, Lulu and Mona at his side because of this. Wade was close to his mother who would have him at her side when she was around pleasant surroundings in her work, encouraging his love for animals and the outdoors. His father would occasionally sit him as a toddler on the counter to play at his shop, increasing sales with his constant excitement and cute factor. His first signs of magic made his visits less frequent after having made broomsticks fall on unsuspecting customers.

At four years old, Wade overheard his grandmother, Missy Potter (née Thurkell), and mother, who were wizarding naturalists discuss plans to venture for the unsighted Crumple-Horned Snorkack. They lived in their supposed neighboring country, Sweden, increasing their chances of finding one. Young Wade became excited at the thought of a new animal friend and begged to go with them. Needless to say, his grandmother and mother refused, due to the danger, but were inspired to continue their search in regards to Wade's future education. He got his stuffed animal, Henry the Hippogriff from his mother, instilling his interest. Eve shared many stories regarding Hippogriffs and their nature of being very proud and protective creatures, which gave Wade the inspiration to be protective and help others whenever possible.

Their deaths had a strong impact on Wade, as he regretted influencing them to search for that one particular creature. Along with the scary stories and occurences of Inferi spotted throughout their old village, Wade's fear on his loved ones ending up as one of them took form. He would keep Henry close as his aiding comfort whenever things get too bad and sad around him until graduation.

After graduation Wade went for his first year at the Wizarding University studying to become a Hippogriff breeder. He put his studies on hold after a year to play for the Tutshill Tornados as a Chaser after being scouted during a game. He visited old friends Min and Ethan with their babies and partied. Sometime during Hogsmeade he made a hair appointment with Nigel and Alec before seeing a Unicorn break in. He offered it a pickle, which worked on making it leave. During Christmas of 2083 he proposed to Indy and married her in May 20th of 2084. Alec became his Best Man and Godfather to all three of his children with Ella. Since then Wade could be found at an Autograph event, signing for fans. He continued his education at the University part time, expecting to graduate at the end of 2090. 

Durmstrang Institute

First year 

2075-76: Accepted at Durmstrang. Tried joining the school's tribal dance team. Failed, getting himself set on fire. Became the Class Clown. Became the unofficial stunt man.
  • First year Wade
  • Detention buddies with Dave
  • Surfs up?
  • Durmstrang uniform
  • Napping
  • Silly days

Second year

2076-77: Joined Frog Choir. Freed the frogs. Got detention. Met Dave, became best friends. Recommended to Dark Creatures classes.

Third year

2077-78: Learned Dark Creatures. Kept getting in trouble with Dave. Stopped hanging out with Dave. Became popular.

Fourth year

2078-79: Luc joined early. Eventually lost his popularity looking out for Luc. Didn't care. Went on awesome school trips. Still got detentions. Napped in class a lot. Was asked to transfer. Lost his first wand in the sea.   

Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

Fifth year

2079-80: Wade held a grudge with his dad for whisking them away from his previous school. He arrived at Hogwarts with the plan to cause havoc and behave badly enough so he could return back to Durmstrang. For the most part, teachers ignored him with the exception in Ancient Runes. He was thought of as a naughty student due to ignoring Professor Botros instructions to not touch the item withheld due to his curiosity. Seeing Thor's Hammer however rocked a new perspective on Wade and Ancient Runes became one of his top favorite lessons as he rocked the hammer. Napping outside of lessons bored him as he began lacking interest in classes, so he joined the Gobstones team (scored once) and Quidditch team (whacked a bludger at Min's boyfriend). He enjoyed it, lessening his plan to leave Hogwarts as he finally wrote to his dad. Wade snuck into one of the pens to ride a Hippogriff. He fully lost his grudge after making new friends. As OWLs approached, his napping continued. He dealt with a boggart twice from a DADA lesson and as part of the examination. He earned 8 out of 10 attempted OWLs, but no Outstandings. Wade didn't find Hogwarts so bad after all and decided to not ask his dad again about returning to Durmstrang.

Sixth year

  • Hufflepuff uniform
  • Starting Quidditch
  • With the guys; Kaden, Alec and Nash
  • Kitty Wade
  • Blanket forts with Alec
  • Getting Windy
  • Birthday dinner
  • Hogsmeade with Indy & Min

2080-81: Wade arrived back to a lot dirty dishes and dorm rooms. Hogwarts was poor, which made him briefly reconsider leaving right then and there after having to pay for everything. This changed when he reunited with Indy after many years since they last met as children. His looks attacted the attention of many others, as he still found time to nap under bleachers. Rejoined Gobstones (scored four points) and Quidditch team. Saw Ice cream and happiness. Had lots of Blanket Fort parties. Fell in love with pickles. Made more friends. Pickles became second to Indy. Gave onesies to Quidditch team. Pickles became third to Ice cream. Dealt with dementors too many times to the point of seeing a healer after term ended. Napping under the bleachers wasn't safe anymore. Gave onesie to Groundskeeper Firth and promised to wear theirs together at the Ending Feast. Unfortunately Wade witnessed Firth lose his soul from an uncontrollable dementor attack. At the ending feast Wade in the tiger onesie hugged Professor Lafay, who did not hex him. Everyone lived crazily ever after.

Seventh year

2081-82: Wade had a wonderful summer with Indy, who was there when he got his letter proclaiming him as the Head Boy. He Learned to knit. Had a rocking PJ party with the whole school at the Prefect Event. Made Stuffed animals at the event too. Gave Nigel a fro with Alec's help. Appeared in the Aparecium..twice. Invented Pickle cereal, sharing it with Alec and Nigel. Went five months without pickles. Gave Nigel a starfish onesie after teaching him the starfish song. Broke his absence by eating Nash's pickles. Had a rocking last year on the Badger Quidditch team. Had a rocking time on the Badger Gobstones team (scored eighteen points). Became Player of the Match in Gobstones Match #3. Celebrated a year with Indy. Helped the Quidditch team make it to finals. Left before finals to see Luc. Learned his team won the Quidditch Cup back. Rode a Granin Horse with Alec. Named her Nicole. Finished the race first. Teamed with best friend and co-prefect Min in the EBWEQBSC quiz bowl. Rode the Hippogriff there. Named him Henry. Flew with Min on Henry the Hippogriff. Finished the final task first. Became one of the Top Runes Master. Gave his stuffed Hippogriff to Kaiden. Accepted into Wizarding University.

Academics, Achievements, Qualifications & Skills 

- Won Superlatives: Mr. Hogwarts, 7th year Legacy, Most likely to be: Minister of Magic & Target of a Love Potion (2082)
- Top Runes Master (2082)
- Hufflepuff Quidditch & Gobstones Player (2079 - 2082)
- Head Boy of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft & Wizardry (2081 - 2082)
- Intern at QQS (Quality Quidditch Supplies) (Summer 2081)
- Golden Badger Award (2081)
- Advanced Charms Club member (2079-80)

OWL Results Grade
Ancient Runes E
Astronomy P
Care of Magical Creatures E
Charms A
Defense Against the Dark Arts E
Divination A
Herbology E
History of Magic P
Potions E
Transfiguration E

NEWT Results Grade
Ancient Runes E
Care of Magical Creatures O
Charms O
Defense Against the Dark Arts E
Herbology A
Potions O
Transfiguration E

Hogwarts' Quidditch Stats

Hufflepuff Quidditch 2079 - 2080

Hufflepuff Team
Renesmee Dixon - Captain (Talikins)
Ella Bishop (TakemetotheBurrow)
Susan Bones  (Luna004)
Alex Greingoth  (Lissy Longbottom)
Oakey Gunter (DJ ExpelliarMOOSE)
Alyssa Potter  (FireboltAvis88)
Wade Elisabeth-Potter (Charely Potter)
Bliss Ryans (ForeverYours)
Alec Summers (hermionesclone)
Lotus Wisteria (Lockhartian)
Kaiden Yarborough (Yourenodaisy)

Game Results
Slytherin vs. Hufflepuff - Gryffindor wins (180 - 80) (Wade plays as Beater)
Hufflepuff vs. Gryffindor - Hufflepuff wins (220 - 90) 
Hufflepuff vs. Ravenclaw - Hufflepuff wins (190 - 80) (Wade plays as Beater, one bludger hit)

Rank: Tied as #4 Beater with Sierra Greingoth, Selina Skylar, Alice Fischer and Zoe Tillstorm.

Hufflepuff Quidditch 2080 - 2081

Hufflepuff Team
Ella Bishop - Captain (TakemetotheBurrow)
Renesmee Dixon (Talikins)
Wade Elisabeth-Potter (Charely Potter)
Alec Summers (hermionesclone)
Tobias Tempus  (Felixir)
Minerva Wheatborn (Bazinga)
Kaiden Yarborough (Yourenodaisy)

Nashville Cash (ImaBRE!)
Oakey Gunter (DJ ExpelliarMOOSE)
Kace Lecium (hpfan18)
Alexia Thorne (sarahb)

Game Results 
Students vs. Staff - Students wins (195 - 130) (Wade plays as Chaser, scores two goals)
Gryffindor vs. Hufflepuff - Gryffindor wins (170 - 15) (Wade plays as Chaser, scores two goals)
Ravenclaw vs. Hufflepuff - Hufflepuff wins (160 - 30) (Wade plays as Chaser, scores three goals)
Hufflepuff vs. Slytherin - Slytherin wins (190 - 130) (Wade plays as Chaser, scores three goals)

Rank: Tied as #2 Chaser with Marcus Branxton.

Hufflepuff Quidditch 2081 - 2082

Hufflepuff Team
Ella Bishop - Captain (TakemetotheBurrow)
Nashville Cash (ImaBRE!)
Forrest Charlton (StarShine)
Bristol Haigh (Tattie)
Wade Potter (Charely Potter)
Asher Stinson (bitsyandtank)
Alec Summers (hermionesclone)
Tobias Tempus  (Felixir)
Minerva Wheatborn (Bazinga)
Lotus Wisteria (Lockhartian)
Kaiden Yarborough (Yourenodaisy)

Game Results
Hufflepuff vs. Gryffindor - Hufflepuff wins (190 - 20) (Wade plays as Beater, four bludger hits)
Ravenclaw vs. Hufflepuff - Tied game (150 - 150) (Wade plays as Keeper, saves three goals)
Hufflepuff vs. Slytherin - Hufflepuff wins (150 - 120) 

Rank: Tied as #3 Beater with Adelaide Adams. Also ranked #5 Keeper. 



Wade has naturally blonde hair, though it has grown darker throughout the years from his constant time spent outdoors. Not that he minds, Wade always liked having another shared common with his dad. He also lets his somewhat-curly hair takes its own form, giving it the bed-head look whenever he has it short or long. His eyes are hazel-green, but was born with crystal-blue eyes that resembled his mother's.

Wade is somewhat of a thrill-seeker, enjoying new experiences for the sake of an adventure. It's not uncommon to see his eyebrows furrow as he thinks. He's a deep thinker at times, sometimes driving him to the point of exhausion.

Wade tries to maintain an optimistic point-of-view, looking for the good in everything, remaining friendly and polite. Smiling and laughing, he enjoys making his old and new friends happy and dislikes seeing anyone look upset. In effect this brings out the protective side in him. To him, comfort is only one big old badger hug away. Seriously, just ask Professor Lafay.


  • Wade is a second-generation SS Hogwarts character to Charely Potter.
  • His portrayer for Year 1 - 3 is Ryan Hartwig and Year 4 - 7 is Alex Libby

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