A black-and-white photo of Waxy Wheels.

A very prolific fungi, the Waxy Wheel may seem to be nothing more than a commoner among toadstool royalty, but don't let the fact that it is easy to find, deter you. When looking for choice toadstools, this should be among your top picks! Though it can be found quite readily, it is also one of the most needed and traded in our wizarding world.


You can identify this particular toadstool by its distinctive cap. The cap has a pattern mimicking that of what a wagon wheel might look like. They are usually found in shades of rusty brown, but have been known to occasionally grow in lovely shades of garnet. The stem is usually between 3 to 8 inches tall in mature specimens and is usually ivory or a pale cream freckled with rusty brown.


Waxy Wheel is rated 3, useful with no dangerous qualities.


The Waxy Wheel can be grown readily in greenhouses, sheds, and gardens alike. It prefers shady dank conditions and will need to be watered constantly.


Among the most popular are waxes specifically developed for broom performance. The waxes from these toadstools is prized for its preservation properties, strengthening abilities and the wax is most famously known to add incredible shine to dull surfaces. In fact, Ministry Studies show that the aging process of the wood that is rubbed with this magical wax, actually starts to reverse in aging.

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