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Weaving Willow

Among the many varieties of flesh-eating trees, this type known as the Weaving Willow, is one of the hardest working. This tree really works hard for its food! The Weaving Willow works diligently weaving its long vine like branches into nets, which it lays under leaves and debris on the forest floor. There the trees branches wait for prey to cross its path. When the prey is within the confines of the net, the branches spring up and the prey is caught within a finally woven web of leaves and wood.

These trees can grow up to 60 feet tall and usually spread out with trunks as wide as 10 feet across. The branches droop to the ground, and it shares the distinct look of its harmless relative the Weeping Willow. The foliage is a very dark shade of green and slightly tinged with grey. It indeed looks quite gloomy and you might even suspect it to be hibernating, but it is almost always working away, weaving a net for its next victim.

Each net this tree produces takes between 4-5 years to perfect. The process of weaving is slow for these trees, but they constantly work at them. Weaving their leaves and branches tightly together to create a deadly trap. Most trees have six to seven good nets, and if they are all finished the tree will meticulously go over them to find any weak spots or damaged areas.

When something is caught, the tree doesn't devour the prey whole. It takes bites slowly prolonging the preys suffering. Many witches and wizards have escaped the clutches of these trees, and many have the scars to prove it. You definitely don't want to be caught by this flesh-eating tree, but if you are, you will have plenty of time to plan an escape. One guaranteed method of escape is fire. These trees will not tolerate flames of any sort. If you can manage to conjure up some flames, or call out for some help to build a fire, you may be able to get the tree to release you from its grip.

The Weaving Willow is a fascinating variety of flesh-eating tree, but it is best admired from a distance with a flaming torch at your side.

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