Hidden in the higher mountains of Wales, unplottable and rumored to be located somewhere within Snowdonia, is the Welsh Dragon Reserve. Established centuries ago, this reserve is home to the native Common Green Welsh, it’s most kept dragon, though over the years other breeds of dragons have been added by the dragonologist tasked with caring for and studying these dangerous beasts.

The mountains are snow capped and many of its inhabitants hibernate through the winter, and herds of feral goats can be found trekking some of the lower mountain ranges, and the dragons are easily spotted by those within the preservation's perimeters. The trail that leads up the mountain is well worn, passing streams, running through wooded and open mountain side. The melodious roar of the Welsh Green can occasionally be heard echoing across the mountain.

Rules while in the reserve:
-Absolutely no feeding or interacting with any of the creatures
-Under no circumstance are you to wander off the beaten trail
-Please no disposing of personal belongings while in the mountains
-Send sparks into the air should danger befall you or your partner
-Do not pick, disturb, or collect any plants, creatures, rocks, etc.

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