Western Winterberry

In the shadowy depths of the great north western forests, lurks a clever hunter. This particular flesh-eating tree is known as an ally to some in the wizarding world. You see this flesh-eater seeks out a particular type victim.

The Western Winterberry sticks to the forests of the north western United States. Choosing wet, damp and darker environments. The weather and overcast skies seem to suit this trees tastes. It has roamed these forests for many hundreds of years, and research has shown that they probably migrated here out of an enchanted forest near the equator. While they may have once been a tropical variety, they have now morphed into a hardy cold weather tree.

This tree grown to an average height of 35 feet. While seemingly petite in the flesh-eating world, they retain their diminutive stature in order to maintain their athletic abilities. This tree can jump up to 20 feet high and can cover great distances in sprints. It does grow weary within a few minutes, but can move at speeds close to 45 miles per hour.

This hunter has a very select victim. They hunt only at night and only for werewolves. Apparently somewhere between the equator and the forests they now call home, they developed a taste for furry flesh. They will stalk their prey for hours and then leap at them when given the right chance. They smother their victims and then absorb them through their vast root system.
This is not a pretty picture, and many anti-werewolf individuals in the community may cheer on these flesh-eaters. There are some group currently fighting for protection for the werewolves, though at this time it appears that nothing will be done to protect the werewolves. This tree can be identified by its pale green foliage, thick cream coloured bark and bright red berries. It maintains these berries year round as a tool to attract birds. When successful hunts, are few and far between this flesh eater will hunt birds as a means of survival. This diverse and interesting tree is unique and wonderful to watch in the wild, Just beware if you are travelling t see these flesh-eating trees near a full moon. You may get more of a show than you bargained for.

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