White Fleabane is also known as Water Fleabane, Dogwood Dew and Sprouting Ivy. It can be found in all regions of the Mediterranean, but it is most common around the island of Crete.


In the water, it is a vivid purple in colour. Taken out of the water, it turns a pale blue with scarlet spots. A small plant, about 12 inches long when fully mature, it has the appearance of a speckled egg with short hair coming out both ends.


White Fleabane is rated 5, with the following recommendations if you are planning to use it. Wait until the dark of the moon, and gather only by scooping them up with silver bowls. Be sure that the bowl is sufficiently large to contain the whole plant and at least 3 inches of water between it and the surface of the water. Be very careful to make sure the plant stays purple the whole time while gathering and transporting it.
Warning: Do NOT apparate while transporting White Fleabane. It has been known to explode enroute.

Care Of

White Fleabane is not recommended for growing at home so we're not telling you how to take care of it.


White Fleabane is the only known cure for Noxious NeverWhen. The Healers at St Mungo's Hospital for Magical Maladies and Injuries value it highly for Noxious NeverWhen, as well as other assorted illnesses.
The effectiveness of White Fleabane was discovered when a wizard apparated in the hospital whilst carrying a specimen for the Healers to look at. It exploded and some of the ejecting pieces were still being hurled when he showed up on the 3rd floor.
A Healer suffering from Noxious NeverWhen was present and one of the exploding particles hit him. (Noxious NeverWhen is easily identified by the sufferer's 2 heads and fungal growth out the ears.) The extra head was immediately vanished and the fungal growth was reduced by half.
The pieces of the apparating wizard were gathered together in the hopes of being able to put him back together, as in the case of splinching, but the attempt was unsuccessful.

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