The Whomping Toadstool is in the same family as the Whomping Willow as they have some of the same properties. This is one of the rarest specimens of toadstools in the world. Although they are very easy to spot, there are very few of them. Whomping Toadstools can be used for so many things, but most wizards do not know of their value to the world.


Whomping Toadstools are between 5 and 8 inches wide and are generally about 4 inches tall. To identify this rare toadstool, you must notice three features. The first is an unusual cap. It is the colour of a zebra. This unusual black and white striped toadstool can be seen from a distance which is why they can easily be avoided. The second feature you must notice is a snow white stem. This is very important because if the stem is any other colour, it is not a Whomping Toadstool. Lastly, you must look for the most important feature, the black raindrop spot on the stem.


Whomping Toadstools are rated 5, useful but use with caution. They have the tendency to destroy anything that comes near it just like the tree. It uses its cap as a club to beat anything coming close enough. They generally cannot injure a human badly, but can cause some minor pain. They also contain a toxin that can cause even greater injury.


They are found mostly in tundra regions as they prefer mild temperatures. Like the Whomping Willow, there is a specific spot on the stem where if you push it, it will become calm as long as you hold it down. While holding down this spot, which looks like a black raindrop, pull it out of the ground. Then your toadstool will be available for use.


They can be used in a number of potions if you know how to collect them.

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