Wrinkle-Heal Unction


Heals wrinkles for 3-4 weeks

Brewing Time

35 minutes



The Wrinkle-Heal Unction was first taught by Professor Cosgrach Culloden during the 2082- 2083 school year and is light pink in color.


This unction heals the drinker's wrinkles for 3-4 weeks, depending on their type of skin, and can also be used on animals. However, it kills plants. It is not meant to be consumed and should be applied to bare skin to make it baby smooth. There are no known side effects of this unction.


  • pus of 1 bubotuber
  • 0.2 liters of seal milk
  • syrup of 1 hellebore
  • 2 eyes of a puffer-fish
  • 1 leech
  • 1 water-dwelling planaria
  • juice of 1 pomegranate (medium sized
  • a bunch of asphodel
  • 6 sopophorus beans


  • clean and add some water to a glass bowl
  • wear gloves, squeeze pus out of bubotuber and into bowl, then set aside
  • clean mortar and pestle
  • crush asphodel roots in mortar and put away for future use
  • clean cauldron
  • add seal's milk to cauldron
  • turn burner up to high, then lower heat to medium after a minute
  • add hellebore syrup
  • make a small cut in the back of both puffer-fish eyes with a clean knife
  • squeeze eyes into cauldron (only add eye liquid)
  • if eye slips out of your hands, clean it before trying again
  • vanish or throw away puffer-fish eyes
  • clean wooden stick
  • stir 3 times counterclockwise, then lower heat to minimum
  • add bubotuber pus and water mixture
  • clean wooden stick again
  • stir 3 times counterclockwise and 3 times clockwise
  • add leech
  • count to ten and add water-dwelling planaria
  • note: potion should be a milky white at this point
  • wave wand horizontally from left to right at a medium pace
  • continue waving wand until potion turns a sparkling purple
  • add pomegranate juice, then wait for potion to turn lime green
  • add crushed asphodel roots
  • clean mortar and pestle
  • crush sopophorus beans in mortar and add their juice
  • stir 5 times counterclockwise
  • remove potion from heat
  • wait until mixture precipitates (solid separates from liquid and sinks to bottom)
  • note: solid portion should be a sparkling, light pink; liquid portion should still be lime green
  • let liquid evaporate or pour it out
  • apply on bare skin


Potions Lesson 2, Term 36

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